Welcome to the Air & Space Forces Association AFA Chapter 147 Website 


Schriever Chapter Welcome Letter 

Our Chapter is committed to the goals of the AFA to support and be an advocate for our great US Space Force and US Air Force.  Specifically, our goals are to:

1) Support aerospace education.

2) Educate the public about the critical role of space in the support of warfighters and, in turn, all Americans.

3) Support the Space Force and Air Force family.

The AFA now supports both the US Air Force and our new US Space Force which are both organized under the Department of the Air Force.  Our activities, as one of the major space focused Chapters, center more on the Space activities of the Department of the Air Force, but as an AFA Chapter, we continue to support airman as well as guardians.  For those Air Force members assigned to do a Space Force assignment here in Los Angeles, rest assured that your local AFA Chapter supports both.

We hope our site provides you useful information about us, our annual events, and AFA.  Our purpose here is to provide current information on local chapter-related events & provide a pathway to the AFA Home Page for a broader perspective of AFA’s services and activities.

Our planned nominal events have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but we continue to operate as normally as local health rules allow.  Our local events nominally include two membership mixers each year with a prominent guest speaker from the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) or other Air Force organization.  In June, we sponsor our annual “Salute to SMC” Awards Banquet and SMC Executive Forum.  The banquet honors the most outstanding military and civilian performers at SMC in various categories, including program management, scientist, engineering, and leadership.  The highlights of the banquet are the presentation of our Schriever Space Leadership award to a nationally recognized space leader and a Schriever Fellowship award in recognition of significant accomplishments within the Space mission.  The Executive Forum pulls together senior industry and government officials to discuss space and acquisition-related issues.

In November, AFA National runs a Mitchell Institute function (Thursday and Friday of the AF Ball week) in Los Angeles that includes national or senior USAF speakers and a panel of renowned experts and executives.  Thursday the Chapter sponsors the Space Executive Reception, an invitation-only event that brings together the symposium speakers and panel with senior industry and SMC leaders.  Friday evening the Chapter sponsors the Space Force Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.  2022 marks the Second annual Space Force Ball.  At the Ball the Thomas D. White Award is presented to an industry or government leader who has contributed significantly to supporting Space Force mission and goals.  At this event our Chapter also recognizes significant space-related accomplishments through the award of a Schriever Fellowship.

In 2022 we returned to in person events.  Besides the Ball we are holding The Salute to SMC Awards Ceremony, and Schriever Wall of Honor Ceremony.  We invite you to help with or participate in all these events.  Your support of these premier events is critical to ensure continuing great work by our chapter.  Please visit the Chapter Events page to get more details and for points of contact for more information.

Again, we welcome you to our website and to one of the most dynamic AFA chapters. We are looking forward to serving your needs in the upcoming year.  Please let us know how we can improve our new site to better serve your information needs.

Tav Taverney

Chairman of the Board

Bill Harding