AFA 147 Officers

The Chapter Executive Committee is installed at the beginning of the calendar year and consists of Chairman of the Board, President, Executive Secretary, Senior Vice President, and Vice President Finance/Treasurer. The President, Executive Secretary, and Vice Presidents are elected by ballot annually to serve one year terms. The Chairman of the Board is appointed each year by the Executive Committee.

Chairman of the Board: Thomas D. Taverney (Tav),
Maj. Gen (USAF Ret)
310-218-8903 cell                               562-697-3828 home

President: Steve Pluntze (310) 648-8144

Senior Vice President: Arnie Streland (424) 277-7440

Vice President Finance/Treasurer: Richard (Rick) L. Reaser, Jr. (310) 647-3762


Co- Secretaries:

Brenda Pluntze


Sherry L. Wilson