What is a Community Partner?

As an independent, non-profit, national association, AFA’s only business is to support this nation’s need for adequate aerospace power to ensure the security of the United States. By affiliating with AFA, our Partners express their own concerns for a deterrent force sufficient to ensure this nation’s peace and security.

Our Partners’ designees join with other AFA members worldwide to aggressively support policies and programs that provide the Air Force with the trained men and women and the modern weapon systems needed to fulfill its missions. At the same time, they help AFA to work for adequate pay, housing, medical care, retirement, and survivor benefits for both military and civilian men and women of the Air Force, the Air National Guard, and the Air Force Reserve. Most significantly, our Partners have decided to sponsor persons to join the Air Force people’s professional association.

At the local level, our partners join with our military and civilian members to support our Chapter’s programs to develop community understanding of and support for the Air Force and specifically Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB) and the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC). Many of the Chapter’s programs are designed to improve the quality of life for Air Force people assigned to the base. Through strong community- based programs, our Partners and we ensure LAAFB men and women will find the experience of assignment here rewarding for them and their families. In this manner, we help ensure that SMC will remain here and LAAFB will not close.

A handsome cherrywood plaque proudly displayed in their business area can instantly identify our Partners. With this identification, personnel assigned to LAAFB and other members of the community will recognize our Partners as staunch supporters of Schriever Chapter and AFA programs.

In addition to the plaque, our Partners’ designated members or patrons receive AFA’s superbly edited monthly publication, Air Force Magazine. The magazine allows them to keep abreast of Air Force matters through an informative and entertaining mix of articles on a wide variety of subjects, including new weapons and aircraft, national defense issues, legislative reports, first-person accounts of air operations, book reviews, and much more.

Persons designated as members or patrons are also eligible to participate in low-cost group insurance programs, discounts on brand-name consumer products, discounts on car rentals, and access to AFA’s online community for members or patrons only.

To become a Schriever Chapter Community Partner contact Joe Boyle :
(310) 283-5126, [email protected]